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Accordian-Stretchable curly hair piece that adds full-bodied coverage to the top and crown-synthethic hair-$10

Color 18/22-Light Ash Brown and Champagne blond mix

Simone-3/4 cap, mid back length with big soft curls, synthetic-$30

Color 16-Honey Ash Blond



Brandy- This is a fun piece that is synthetic, do not know the exact length but close to a long fall length.  This would be cute in a swimwear or fun event.  $20.00 

Color 24-Light Golden Blond

Color 1-Black avaliable

Chavonne-This is a very unquie piece, would be really fun for casual wear. It is a drawstring piece, synthetic hair. $10.00

Color 27H33H130-Strawberry Blond with Dark Auburn & Fox Red Highlights


Desiree-Also another fun synthetic piece that would be cute in swim wear.  Long hair piece. Synthetic $20

Color 27-Strawberry Blond

Diamond-curly hair, very comparable to a Mini Wiglet, this piece is synthetic though, hair is 6 1/2" long and the base is 3 1/4"*2 3/4"-$15

Color 23-this is one shade darker than a 24 which is Light Golden Blond

Dynamo-is a funky fun piece can be awesome for crowning. Synthetic  It has strands of tensile type material runing through it, in red and blue, please ask questions on this piece if you need to.  $10.00

Color 4-Dark Brown

Color 33-Dark Auburn

Elaine-Fun Pony Tail type piece synthetic, about the lenght of a Mini Fall-$15

Color 12-Light Golden Reddis Brown

Color 8-Light Chestnut Brown

FiFi-What can I say this hair piece speaks for itself.  It would be awesome 80's costume fun!  It does have the headband around the edge.  Synthetic $12

Color 1-Black

Hayley- This is a synthetic hair piece.  Very pretty.  Claw clip, easy-to-wear, short, loose, naturally curly hair.  $20

Color-coming soon

Joy-This hair piece is on a banana clip, 15" long, with loose natural curls.  It is synthetic and very pretty.  $22

Color 8/27-Light Chestnut Brown and Strawberry Blond mix

Lexie-This hair piece is on a drawstring, has cascades of curls/ringlets very pretty. Synthetic piece with lots of hair 11" long. $20

Color 30CH33-Light Ginger with Copper Red and Dark Auburn Highlights

Macy-3/4 Cap Curly hair, pretty! Would be good for a little one in beauty! Synthetic $14

Color 4-Dark Brown

Color 30-Medium Auburn

Reggie-Synthetic Pony Tail-$15

Color 33-Dark Auburn

Synthetic Mini Fall-$35

Color 30-Medium Auburn






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